Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ice breaker..

Recently, I watched Meiporul & Pasanga. Both the movies are excellent.

Meiporul is a nice thriller. This is made by a group of NRI in the US. Heroine is an alumni of Anna University. Though it is ameturish, I would recommend watching it. But, Meiporul received worst possible comments from Suhasini in a review.

Pasanga is an excellent work from the director Pandiraj. He hasn't tried to make a simple story complex. The execution was really good. He has captured the nuances of village school kids. He also, has implied that many of the scenes in the previous tamil movies are childish. The Director was a security at AVM studios for 2 years.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naan Kadavul

I'm happy to receive Naan Kadavul. Now, a original movie, by itself looks good as they are amidst of dash dash. It will be a great disappointment to those who think that this would be a God-Philosophy-Blah-Blah kinda movie. Bala has commingled necessary aspects in right proportions. A local gang which tortures and manages the beggars and a son (proclaims himself as God) who has been brought back home after 14 years of like at Kasi - Bala has solved these two independent equations in the climax. I wish to share some of the subtle points I noticed in the movie. Don't read further if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Areas which I liked:

1. The track on beggars and how they are being managed were depicted well. Societal concern can even be expressed by exposing the evils in the society, as Bala has done.

2. In most cinemas, trans-genders are used for fun. But, Bala's constructive usage is laudable.

3. Real-life comedy which mingled well with the story. Hats off to Bala for making us laugh without a comedian. Especially the conversation among beggers when their boss was drunk, Dance by the performing artist in Police station and Court scene when Arya was accused of murder.

4. Arya has followed the director's instructions. Pooja's expressions were good - To note, even any other actress would have done well as Bala is handling. Only a good director can get the best outta an artist. It reminded me Ameer.

5. Dialogues were excellent, especially i liked the one which Pooja utters during the climax. She quotes 3 different religious principles and claims that they futile.

6. Rajaa's music, as usual, stays aloft amidst of algebraically-coined music. I liked Ilayarajs's voice in "Oru Kaatril.." song & Madhubalakrishnan's clarity in "Pichai paathiram.." song.

Instances which I felt odd:

1. Arya's dad would be searching for Arya on the river bank. In a slight sight, he recognized Arya, in spite of his monk-like appearance. This scene might have been made better.

2. Even Arya's mom wasn't initially expressive after seeing his son after 14 years.

3. Pooja, who came as a blind beggar, used to sing in train, temple etc. In all those scenes, they play old Tamil songs in the background - that too sounded like the original version. May it be - This was odd. I didn't get the feel. In spite, Pooja should have sung by her own voice or at least the dubbing artist should have been used.

In sum, the story has been executed well without missing links. I expect awards for 2 categories - Direction & Pooja. These movies are the boost to aspiring directors. Lets hope to get more Balas, Ameers & Myskins. Tamil cinema has become physically-challenged because of remake, remix & formula culture. At least after seeing these movies, let the dash dash think.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ŏn'trə-prə-nûr', -nŏŏr' - 1.0

This post was in hibernation inside the drafts folder for a month. Now only i got some time to release.

பேரு தான் சாப்ட்வேர் இஞ்சினியர்... பொழப்பு..? நாய் பொழப்பு. பாக்க பஞ்ச் டயலாக் மாதிரி இருந்தாலும், இது தான் உண்மை. ஆபீஸ் போறோம்.. PM / TL குடுக்குற வேலைய செய்றோம். சில பல meetings. திரும்பி வந்து, நவரத்ன ஆயில் தலைக்கு வெச்சுட்டு படுத்து தூங்குகிறோம். காலைல திரும்பவும் நாய் பொழப்பு.

Our life at present, is similar to the life of chicken inside a cage. They will be happy even with very small amount of food. Similarly, we feel delighted by the pay hikes, team lunches, celebrations and other so-called employee-friendly aspects. Additionally if they give a laptop, people will fly. Many don't understand that employer is intruding in personal time of the employee, and trying to extract work whenever possible.

We need to think beyond these. You might have heard about GoldQuest scandal recently. I don't find any difference between that and a s/w job.

In that GoldQuest scheme, Some unknown person is the beneficiary in the expense of our money. And at one time we will be the beneficiary in the expense of the someone's money.
I think, this is true with almost all s/w job. I may be wrong. I don't know. At the expense of our work, someone else is becoming multi-millionaire. And he is the so called entrepreneur.

A little bird told me that the amount spent towards completing a typical s/w project is 30 to 35 % (approx.) of the total amount billed towards that project. This 35 % includes employee compensation, s/w tools usage, maintenance cost, infrastructure etc. I mean to say that the profit is almost 70% for a single project.

So, at the expense of 5 % given as pay to an engineer, someone is earning 70 %. We may analyze on how to become that someone?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If king sings...!!!

Like many people, I too used to sing in bathroom - As this would be the best in acoustics among all places in a house. That time, I could feel the richness and pleasing nature of my voice. That practice gives me confidence. The thirst is not at all leaving my mind.

Since my childhood, I'm interested in singing. Though I was appreciated B.H.Abdul Hameed for the song Anbendra mazhaiyiley.. (Minsaara kanavu) during an audition test, I was rejected. I was not disappointed, but tried to improve myself by trying out various possibilities.

Then during my first year in college, I participated in a competition held in trichy and secured first place for the song Kaalaiyil dhinamum.. (New). I was startled, 6/10 contestants were from orchestras. It gave me some confidence.

Then after joining Emmeskay, I once again attended audition test in front of Ramesh Praba. I sang Poi solla koodathu.. kaadhali.. (Run). But this time, i myself could feel a nasty turn in my voice because of very low temperature in the audition room(though, this should not be cited as a reason). I was not selected.

Recently, I tried recording my voice. I'm not aware of recording theaters. So, I decided to do it in my office, where i can have a serene ambiance. Morning 9.30 is a very early work time in my office, as almost all employees swipe by 11.o0, sometimes even at 12.30. I started recording by 9.30 and It took some 0.5 hr to arrive at a final draft. Then I heard it. It was not good. Additionally, I could hear some pink noise and sound of breathing. Again dejected with my attempt.

Now I looking for a recording theater, where with all typical features i may record my voice. Further, I'm in process of writing my own lyrics for my own composition, so as to present my genuine content. Hoping to see a progress!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A kuruvi's eye view...

It was just before 6.30 P.M. , a serene ambiance was being filled with white noise. The people were occupying the seats calmly as if they have come to attend church. I was chatting with my friend. The clamour from xenon DTS signaled the start.

The hero was introduced in a car race. The car was cruelly battered so that only a hero could drive it and win the race. The following intro song sounded corresponding to a win in bullock-cart race. Even the dance steps didn't match with the beats.

Then, just to show some colours, director had driven to malaysia. There, hero fought with villain for his Rs. 50 L. As the villain refused, Vijay had to steal a diamond from villain, Suman. Then the Trisha and Vijay were meeting gracefully. The romantic scenes were very less , may be to maintain the action movie brand.

The comedy part devised in the transit of diamond from malaysia to chennai is not a new one. Vivek's comedy didn't add any strength to the movie.

Then the villain came to chennai in search of diamond and his daughter. Then, Villain locked up Vijay inside a lift at above 150 feet and fed to gravity. Miraculously, Vijay entered the ground water region and upraised from a river, nearby. Then he took revenge on the villain and trying to save his dad and some people from the thralldom of Suman.

The manirathnam lighting style was improperly used throughout the second-half :-). I couldn't even see the faces.

Melody number, "Then.. Then.. Then.. " was pleasing. I liked all hues of the song especially location, costume, vijay's attitude. Further "Ideal flow" Shreya ghoshal and enjoyable Tamil pronunciation (though not correct!) of Uditnarayan were pretty good. "Pallanadhu.. Pallanadhu.." song was equally good and enjoyable.

Repeated fight and chasing sequences reminded us Dharani. In movies, it is casual that a hero falling from the top of a 10 floor building and not getting any injuries. similarly, Vijay crossing a distance of about 200m in a fly, is not a big deal.

I liked vijay's attitude and expressions. I can say, Vijay & Trisha were not used properly in this movie. Additionally, the negative aspects like music, song sequence and editing have placed the movie to a poor rating. And Vijay has to be very careful in future. Hopefully, Vijay will be back with a bang.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who is wrong?

Your English sucks...!!!
Don't disseminate that you are taking GRE...!
Don't create a scene that you have completed 25 word lists!!!
Don't try to be a cynosure...!!
Helping you is like feeding a snake...!
You are fit for nothing!!!

Last week was not mine. I had to receive lot of high dB animadversions about me and my activities. Those comments drove me up the wall and I'm eating my time in mulling over those remarks. I didn't know to react/backfire them immediately. Instead, I decided to deeply retrospect my activities.

As a result, I didn't find any aberrancy in my recent past activities. And, I'm damn sure, I don't deserve those comments. May be, a head on view would have revealed something to those people. So my action item is to be careful and subnormal in my creed, deed and word. I'm trying to run away from those people because their remarks, anything further, may drive me mad. And this is what i can do to those commentators.

Your English sucks...!!! - Your English is slightly off; Correct it. ---- Which is better?

I'm not indicting you; But be mature enough to comment in a decent way; Conceive about your victim(!) and his mentality, before starting anything. These may be just words to you; But might have pierced their heart deeply.

I, initially thought that this post is unnecessary. But the I didn't get any other sink. And these remarks were cooking my goose. So, guys take care. Now i can peacefully continue my GRE prep journey.